University of Calgary

Research Interests

NameResearch Interests
Photograph of Paul BarclayPaul BarclayAtomic Physics, Quantum Optics in Diamond, Optomechanics, Nonlinear optics, Nanophotonics, Nanoscience
Photograph of Jo-Anne BrownJo-Anne BrownGalactic Magnetism, Radio Astronomy
Photograph of Jörn DavidsenJörn DavidsenPhysics of complex systems: Emergent properties, pattern formation and dynamical organization, Application of statistical physics and nonlinear dynamics to problems in geophysics and biology/chemistry, Seismicity, Earth system science, climate dynamics, ice core records, Defect-mediated turbulence, cardiac arrhythmia, alternans, neuronal firing patterns
Photograph of Peter DunscombePeter DunscombeClinical and Economic Evaluation, Error Management, Medical Physics Education and Training
Photograph of David FederDavid FederUltracold Atomic Gases, Condensed Matter Physics, Atomic Physics, Optical Physics, Quantum Information Technology
Photograph of Esmaeel GhasroddashtiEsmaeel Ghasroddashti4DCT Imaging, IMRT, Respiratory Tumor Motion
Photograph of Gilad GourGilad GourQuantum Information Science, Thermodynamics of Black Holes, Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
Photograph of David Wesley HobillDavid Wesley HobillBinary Star Systems, Gravitational Lensing, Computational Astrophysics, Cosmology, Black Holes
Photograph of Brian JackelBrian JackelSignal processing, stochastic processes, and information theory, Coordinated studies of ground-based and satellite data, Optical measurements of the aurora applied to magnetospheric remote sensing, Multi-site observations of rapid global ionospheric response
Photograph of David KnudsenDavid KnudsenSpace Plasma Instrumentation, Space Plasma Physics, Physics of the Aurora
Photograph of Denis LeahyDenis LeahyHigh Energy Astrophysics, X-Ray Astronomy, Supernova Remnants, X-Ray Binaries and X-Ray Pulsars, Physics of Compact Objects, Radio Pulsars
Photograph of Alexander LvovskyAlexander LvovskyQuantum Optics, Quantum information technology with light and atoms, Quantum Memory
Photograph of Tyler MeyerTyler MeyerRadiation Oncology Physics
Photograph of Eugene MiloneEugene MiloneHistory of Astronomy, Eclipsing Binary Modeling, Optical & IR Photometry, Variable Stars
Photograph of Rachid OuyedRachid OuyedHigher Energy Physics/Astrophysics, Computational Physics/Astrophysics
Photograph of Nicolas PloquinNicolas PloquinApplication of Monte-Carlo method to stereotactic ablative radiotherapy techniques, Innovation in teaching and learning in medical physics at postgraduate level, Radiochromic film dosimetry
Photograph of Rene PlumeRene PlumePhysics and Chemistry of the Interstellar Medium, Infrared and Submillimeter Wave Radio Astronomy, Star Formation
Photograph of Barry SandersBarry SandersCoherent quantum transport in protein complexes, Evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence for quantum control and metrology, Implementations of quantum information, Long-distance quantum key distribution, Algorithmic quantum simulation, Nonlinear quantum optics
Photograph of Jeroen StilJeroen StilComputational Astrophysics, Radio Astronomy, Cosmic Magnetism, Galaxy Evolution
Photograph of Russ TaylorRuss TaylorCosmic Magnetism, Radio Astronomy, Space Imaging, Astroinformatics
Photograph of Wen Wu TianWen Wu TianHI Astronomy and High Energy Astrophysics, Active Galactic Nuclei
Photograph of Wolfgang TittelWolfgang TittelLong-Distance Quantum Communication, Quantum Memory, Quantum Information Science, Quantum Cryptography
Photograph of Michael WieserMichael WieserApplications of Isotopes as Environmental Tracers, High Accuracy Measurement of Isotope Abundance and Atomic Weight, Thermal Ionization and Multiple Collector Inductively Coupled Mass Spectrometry, Meteorites and Solar System Evolution
Photograph of Andrew YauAndrew YauAeronomy and plasma composition and dynamics in planetary ionosphere, plasmasphere, and magnetosphere, Advanced satellite-borne plasma instrumentation and mass spectrometry
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